The Rock, Bury

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Placed 26th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
Fire consultant Craig Howard recalls Bury before and after The Rock redevelopment

Not only because I worked on this scheme with BDP, but in terms of changing and rejuvenating an area, this scheme is right up there. Aesthetically basic and uncomplicated, this scheme matched exactly what the local residents needed and wanted in their town centre.

I grew up in nearby Blackburn and visited Bury on many occasions prior to the Rock Triangle development. The town centre was in a fairly tired condition and although it drew some visitors (mostly due to the famous Bury Market) it was lacking conveniences. The majority of younger locals and visitors were more inclined to take the short trip to modern Manchester on the Metrolink.

The Rock Triangle scheme has brought Bury into the 21st Centrury and has also managed to create a number of opportunities for the town. Extending the town centre allowed greater conveniences in road use and parking and provided the local residents with more usable ‘space’. Primarily though, the addiiton of retail, restaurants and entertainment venues not only provided local residents with a reason to stay in Bury, but it also draws more visitors to the town rather than spending their money in Manchester.

The Rock Triangle scheme is a development that the local residents are rightly proud of and this is in every way down to the modern but ‘no-nonsense’ architecture and urban design that reflects their core – nothing fancy, just clean, modern and fit for purpose!



Fire consultant Craig Howard worked on The Rock while at Buro Happold before forming Design Fire Consultants.