Richard Rose Central Academy, Carlisle

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Placed 27th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
Richard Rose Central Academy opened to students at the beginning of 2011, Education Director for contractor and developer Kier, Gary Wintersgill praises its atmosphere

Having just visited the recently completed Richard Rose Central Academy in the heart of Carlisle, I was amazed at how such a large open learning environment has created such a calming and businesslike atmosphere.As a member of the original bid team (Bid Manager for Kier Education) I was impressed, but also nervous at the same time, about the client’s desire to develop a teaching and learning environment that was very radical. During the design phase BDP were constantly challenged to create flexible and open teaching spaces that could be utilised in a number of ways. There had been lots of press about ‘open plan’ teaching and the development of flexible spaces nationally, but in this instance the client really meant it.

The design team from BDP were able to capture this philosophy in a clean and succinct manner that created a very beautiful design.  The layout of the building produced a very navigable school despite the size of the building. The core atrium in the heart of the school not only acts as a useful hub for navigation, but is a great congregation space for the whole school to gather in for major events or assemblies.

The outcome is visually stunning, but more importantly than that the businesslike calm of the building in use has created a world class learning environment that any parent would dearly love their children to attend.

Education Director for contractor and developer Kier, Gary Wintersgill has worked with BDP on numerous education projects.