Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University

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Placed 3rd in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
One of Glasgow's most distinctive new buildings (especially at night) is the RIBA Award-winning Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. Former Pro-Vice Chancellor Les Watson championed the project from start to finish:

Study areas at Saltire Centre

Opened in 2006 the Saltire Centre immediately received international acclaim. It is a University Library, the best example of social learning space in Europe and a one stop shop for access to student services – as the Guardian reported ‘it rewrote the design book for academic libraries’ and was ‘a University but not as we know it’.

The building, 10,500 sqm over 5 floors, has a complete range of study environments from the mall to the monastery and is a masterful piece of architecture that ensures that this broad range of environments each remain discrete and functional in their own right.

The building is mostly described as inspirational, innovative and ground breaking but it’s real strength is encapsulated in a student comment received shortly after opening – “It’s a fantastic 21st century building but it feels like home”

It’s a university, but not as we know it [Guardian]

Now an educational consultant, Les Watson has more than 40 years experience of teaching and education management, including being responsible for . In his time at Glasgow Caledonian University he was responsible for the vision and implementation of the Saltire Centre.