Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

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Placed 36th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
International Academy for Design & Health director Mark Sansom finds beauty, sensitivity, understanding and empaphy at Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

Designing a children’s hospital should in my view, probably controversially, be the pinnacle of a designer’s career, such is the degree of sensitivity, understanding and empathy required to visualise an environment that responds to the child’s own sensory perception.

 The ‘Alex’, is a family-centred, sustainable project in a nautical setting (Brighton), reflected in the ‘children’s ark’ design that is both non-trendy and timeless, as well as caring and supportive of the child and their family.

A ‘lovely’ building and a Design & Health International Academy Award Winner in 2007.

International Academy for Design & Health director Mark Sansom has seen this beautiful project first hand and was closely associated with Academy Award and BBH winner in 2007 for this scheme.