BDP Manchester Studio

July 8, 2011 Filed under: 2000s, Offices by Sanna Fisher-Payne Comments Off

Placed 8th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
In 2008 BDP's Manchester studio moved into the self-designed offices on Ducie Street, London-based Natalie Raw is envious

The BDP Manchester Studio has helped rejuvenate a rather drab site just near to Piccadilly Station. The building sits on the edge of the canal which has now become an attractive place for the people of Manchester to use (both on and beside the water) as well as providing a soothing and inspiring vista for the people working inside.

I love the shimmering wall of curved stainless steel which is contrasted with a glass facade on the canal side of the building. The eco credentials are also impressive; natural ventilation, grey water recycling amongst other complicated technical schemes I can barely comprehend. I was most impressed however by the aesthetic use of concrete which has never been my favourite material when it come to interiors. Impressing the look and texture of planks of wood upon the wet concrete of the main staircase gave the most intriguing and tactile finish that I adored.

I must confess I am rather jealous of the staff of BDP Manchester for having such a bright, creative, stylish and well thought out environment in which to work.


Natalie Raw is marketing manager at the award-winning Zetter Hotel in London's design heartland of Clerkenwell.