Abito, Greengate, Manchester

August 11, 2011 Filed under: 2000s, Offices, Residential by BDP Comments Off

Placed 35th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
The Abito modular apartment concept makes the best possible use of space to create low-cost housing, and has won numerous awards including a 2008 RIBA Award. Abito is also home to public relations firm SKV Communications and its MD Andrew Spinoza

As an occupier of this mixed-use development – SKV own two units of the ground floor offices – how can I not nominate this, my place of work?

SKV have been here for over 4 years now, and every day when I arrive I love to see the tessellated forms of the apartment balconies, the quirky white canopy roof and the huge floor to window glass plates. Even the grey colouring looks stylish. There’s something satisfyingly European about the whole look and feel of the building.

And I’m glad to report that the experience of working in the spacious office suites is very satisfying – clients are always impressed and the staff happy. Abito gets my vote.

An "adopted son of Manchester," Andrew Spinoza founded City Life magazine in 1983, later becoming a journalist at the Manchester Evening News before moving into public relations. He is managing director of SKV Communications.