St Peter’s Campus, University of Sunderland

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Placed 34th in the Placebook vote of favourite buildings by BDP
For our first nomination, Award Winning Architectural Photographer and RIBA Award Juror , Martine Hamilton Knight recalls her first visit to St Peter's Campus

Its all about the light up there….. picture the sun rise over the Wear estuary, fishing boats moored on buoys and the majestic Wear bridge in the background. I first observed St. Peter’s in the early morning light with the mist hovering above the water.

The sweeping roof line and elegant arcs of the buildings rose up from the waters edge, the warm timber cladding glowing in the sun. This is my first memory of this location in 1994, I was sent up to shoot it for Architecture Today, and it still sticks.

With Scandinavian influences, and a clever use of light and timber in the buildings, this is BDP at its best.

University of Sunderland - Catherine Cookson Reading Room
Martine Hamilton Knight has been a professional photographer for more than twenty years, and her work has been featured in publications around the world.