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Thank you to the many thousands of people who have visited Placebook in BDP's 50th anniversary year, and to those who have joined in the voting, taken part in discussions, and who have nominated their favourite BDP buildings.

We have been delighted by the passion and debate, surprised by some gems from BDP's early years, and had a lot of fun too.

Below are the 52 nominated projects in order of popularity.

1. Heslington East, University of York

BDP's masterplan is creating a new campus with academic departments, colleges, facilities and a lake. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Elizabeth Heaps has been in charge of the project

The challenge was to create a new campus on a green field site, based on the same principles and values as the adjacent original campus which dates from the 1960s, in a way that made a coherent whole.

The landscape setting and the theme of integration of activities were the key (more…)

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2. Preston Bus Station

Owen Hatherley writer and journalist finds Preston Bus Station a masterpiece

Designed under BDP’s most famous partner, Keith Ingham, Preston Bus Station is part of one of those classically 1960s attempts to redevelop a town through the remaking of its circulation into walkways, underpasses and towers, with people separated from cars. The two towers create a distinctive, vigorous skyline, but the Bus Station is the masterpiece. (more…)

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3. Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University

One of Glasgow's most distinctive new buildings (especially at night) is the RIBA Award-winning Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. Former Pro-Vice Chancellor Les Watson championed the project from start to finish:

Study areas at Saltire Centre

Opened in 2006 the Saltire Centre immediately received international acclaim. It is a University Library, the best example of social learning space in Europe and a one stop shop for access to student services – as the Guardian reported ‘it rewrote the design book for academic libraries’ and was ‘a University but not as we know it’.


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4. Glasgow Science Centre

The titanium-clad Glasgow Science Centre is one BDP's most photogenic buildings and has won accolades from a RIBA Award for Architecture to being named Scotland's Best Family Attraction. Local taxi driver Arthur Henighen never tires of going there or recommending it:

As a 61 year old Glasgow cab driver who was born 300 yards away from the centre, I remember what it used to look like in the 1950s.

Now the Govan area has been enhanced by the wonderfully designed buildings. (more…)

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5. Berrick Saul Building, University of York

The Berrick Saul Building, on the University of York's main campus was designed to bend around a single tree. Pro-Vice-Chancellor John Local also admires the environment within.

The Berrick Saul building is a beautiful, sinuous addition to the Heslington West Campus of the University of York.

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6. Cardiff Central Library

Director of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales, Liz Walder nominates the "bold and accessible" Cardiff Central Library

BDP responded to the prominent site, immediately opposite to the anchor department store for the new development, with a bold and colourful building at the convergence of two pedestrianised streets, whose retail and cafe activities spill into the public realm, and a significant proportion of the new library ground floor is given over to restaurant use. (more…)

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7. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

Architect and editor of e-architect, Adrian Welch admires BDP's work on a much-loved Glasgow institution

Kelvingrove is apparently the most visited museum outside London and a Category ‘A’ listed building:

BDP’s task to make it more accessible and create 35% more gallery space was arduous.


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8. BDP Manchester Studio

In 2008 BDP's Manchester studio moved into the self-designed offices on Ducie Street, London-based Natalie Raw is envious

The BDP Manchester Studio has helped rejuvenate a rather drab site just near to Piccadilly Station. The building sits on the edge of the canal which has now become an attractive place for the people of Manchester to use (both on and beside the water) as well as providing a soothing and inspiring vista for the people working inside.

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9. University of Wales, Newport – City Campus

Newport has an "inspirational home for both students and academics" says Liz Walder, Director of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales

The planning of the building is very well considered and fluidly knits together considerably diverse uses in a positive manner. As is increasingly usual in academic buildings public access in the form of commercial revenue earning usage needed to be considered. The architects solved this by locating a more public internal street at the ground level which also allows access into the auditorium and performing spaces.


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10. Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick

The Shetland Museum and Archives in Lerwick was shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize in 2008. Photographer Mark Sinclair had the privilege to witness its whole construction

Having followed the progress of this building from erection of the steel shell through to the final placing of the pebbles on the foreshore I feel I very much know it inside out.


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11. The Point, LCCC, Manchester

The Point is the first part of BDP's masterplan to help bring Test Match cricket back to Old Trafford. Editor of Lighting magazine, Ben Cronin commends it:

This is a highly effective and complex scheme that allows the visitor to experience a variety of scenes while walking through the building. (more…)

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12. Perth Concert Hall, Perth

Perth Concert Hall's chief executive Jane Spiers says it delivers everything they ask of it, and Raymond Young, formerly of Architecture & Design Scotland, comments on how it has changed the city

Jane Spiers

A concert hall is architecture that has to work very hard to please. First it is a focal point for a city and must be welcoming yet impressive, outstanding, yet sensitive to its historic surrounding especially in Perth a city with an 800 year history. (more…)

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13. Halifax Building Society, Halifax

Architectural critic Hugh Pearman introduces one of BDP's most famous (or infamous) buildings

A quite remarkable building of its period (early 1970s).

Championed by some leading critics at the time (Banham etc) for its almost Victorian confidence, disliked by others for the same reason. (more…)

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14. Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

At the heart of BDP's Heslington East campus, the Ron Cooke Hub brings together students, researchers, businesses and the community at large. Hub Business Manager Grahame Browne salutes a 'melting pot' for engagement

The Hub is the University of York’s flagship building on its Heslington East development, and recently the recipient of a York Design Award 2011.

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15. Plas Mawr, Conwy

Head of Communications Sheri Besford is one of BDP's longest-serving employees and arguably has the most projects to choose from.

Such a very difficult task to choose my favourite BDP building because I’ve been round long enough to have lived with so many, so I will have to qualify this as being one of my favourites.

I know it’s a refurbishment and not architectural in the most obvious sense of the word, but what an honour it must have been to be involved in the four year programme of deep investigation and repair of what is regarded as the finest surviving Elizabethan town house in Britain – Plas Mawr.

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16. Marlowe Academy, Ramsgate

Independent journalist Martin Spring finds Marlowe Academy an inspiring transformation of education

Completed in 2006, Marlowe Academy is a product of the last decade’s school building boom that actually delivers what it says on the tin: a transformation of education. The building, which drew on the full spectrum of BDP’s design talents covering architecture, structural and environmental engineering and landscape architecture, also amounts to a transformation of school design. (more…)

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17. Liverpool One

Author and editor Ray Molony on the contribution of high quality lighting to Liverpool One

The integration of the lighting into this development is exemplary.

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18. Victoria Square, Belfast

The multi-award-winning Victoria Square is a fine example of BDP's interdisciplinary building design working, but it represents something more important to writer Jonathan Lee

What would uncle George have thought?

My wife’s uncle George owned an umbrella shop on this spot for decades. But BDP triumphed where the IRA failed. They demolished the building (George’s brolly business was long gone by then) to make way for this scheme, threaded through the heart of Belfast.

If you need a pointer, head for the glazed dome: a translucent 38 metre-wide carapace tops the development, punching the skyline and visible from pretty much anywhere across the city. (more…)

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19. Chavasse Park, Liverpool One

BDP's Chief Executive Peter Drummond pays tribute to the success of a decade long vision

This is a place. Its genius is being a place within a place, and achieving just what BDP’s masterplanners envisaged at the outset.

The place that once typified many post-war piecemeal development areas – a flat bit of grass at the back of a bus station – somehow managed to create even more separation between the Albert Dock and the city centre. With the imperative to regenerate the Paradise Street area it could have been sacrificed to being “that bit at the back”, left over after planning, or even worse a service yard for a mall. (more…)

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20. Abito, Salford Quays

Photographer of many BDP buildings, Sanna Fisher-Payne wasn't expecting the second of BDP's Abito projects to be quite so striking

I’m surprising myself with this nomination, I never thought I would find concrete so seductive. I’ve always been a lover of all things wood, I blame my Finnish mother for that. I was sent to Abito on a photo shoot and a surprising thing happened when I walked through the doors and stood in the atrium.


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21. Armada Housing, Den Bosch

Patrick Fransen partner at Herman Hertzberger, director of Credo Integrale Job van der Veer, photographer Martine Hamilton Knight and film-maker Camilla Robinson introduce an outstanding housing project

Patrick Fransen

The ‘Paleiskwartier’ is a typical example of a Dutch urban renewal project where former industrial activity has made way for inner city redevelopment. The district owes its new reputation largely to the expressive image of the ‘Armada Housing’ designed by Tony McGuirk.


June 9, 2011 Filed under: 2000s, Residential by Sanna Fisher-Payne 5 comments

22. Underley Hall Chapel, Kirby Lonsdale

Former partner in BDP, Sid Tasker recalls an older, and smaller, project

The story begins on Euston Station, where George Grenfell Baines (GGB) got into the Preston train and sat next to a stranger who it transpired was the RC Bishop of Lancaster. By the time the train got to Preston, he had secured the commission. Even for GGB this was remarkable! (more…)

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23. Hampden Gurney School, London

Chairman of NLA and Wordsearch, and director of London Festival of Architecture Peter Murray,nominates Hampden Gurney School

This is a very lively and elegant piece of architecture, but more importantly it is a model establishment in a dense urban environment.


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24. Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

Architectural photographer David Millington nominates Manchester's first new public park in 70 years

Cathedral Gardens is a very special BDP Project for me personally as it was my first BDP Photography Commission.

When I first visited the site Karen Howell explained the brief as we walked around together. I knew instantly that vantage points from the Cathedral, The Triangle Shopping Centre and Chetham’s School of Music would provide superb overviews of the scheme. (more…)

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25. Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool

BDP masterminded the addition of two spectacular stands among many improvements to the home of the Grand National. Executive Director of Ask Developments, Alan Burke is one of its many admirers.

A delightful new addition to this historic racecourse has delivered new grandstands that perfectly capture the essence of racing, bringing the action right to the spectators.

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26. The Rock, Bury

Fire consultant Craig Howard recalls Bury before and after The Rock redevelopment

Not only because I worked on this scheme with BDP, but in terms of changing and rejuvenating an area, this scheme is right up there. Aesthetically basic and uncomplicated, this scheme matched exactly what the local residents needed and wanted in their town centre. (more…)

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27. Richard Rose Central Academy, Carlisle

Richard Rose Central Academy opened to students at the beginning of 2011, Education Director for contractor and developer Kier, Gary Wintersgill praises its atmosphere

Having just visited the recently completed Richard Rose Central Academy in the heart of Carlisle, I was amazed at how such a large open learning environment has created such a calming and businesslike atmosphere. (more…)

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28. Bridge Academy, London

Architectural author Kenneth Allinson on why he finds Bridge Academy satisfying and intriguing

You can receive a building as you find it, as raw materiality, and indulge in its aesthetic. This, it would seem, is the ultimate test. But many buildings have stories within them, about which they, in themselves, are mute. That story can be so minor or uninteresting it isn’t worth knowing. Or it can be rich and disclosive. (more…)

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29. St Joseph’s Hospital, Cork

The Care Village at St Joseph's Hospital has many admirers, BDP photographer David Barbour counts himself among them

I have been photographing BDP projects for about 15 years and this is something I am particularly fond of.


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30. Broomielaw, Glasgow

Former Chariman Richard Saxon finds innovation in the Broomielaw district

The riverside Broomielaw district was derelict in the 1980s and Glasgow office proposed a general plan for its revival. A series of city blocks aligned with the river and sightlines provides the grid. BDP has gradually developed most of the blocks for a succession of clients as ownership changed, keeping to the plan but innovating as well.


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31. Number One Court, Wimbledon

More than a decade after completion, BDP's Michelle McDowell remains a fan of a very special sporting venue

Aerial view of Number One Court

Wimbledon No 1 Court is a wonderful example of BDP engineers and architects working together at their best.

The stadium is a world class venue for tennis – it provides an elegant, modern and delightful space with a perfect atmosphere for the most thrilling of matches. I particularly like the ‘look no hands’ roof structure which provides column-free views and gentle shade in the sun.


April 7, 2011 Filed under: 1990s, Leisure, Sport by BDP 1 comment

32. Vernon Street Studio, Preston

In 1968, BDP moved into a Bürolandschaft-inspired office in Vernon Street, Preston, supported by a £20,000 loan from staff. Geoff Gradwell, who worked there as a graphic designer, says it was the foundation of an enduring ethos

BDP Preston office, Vernon Street is my favourite BDP place: home of ‘the BDP family’, a great place to work, the origin of so much integrated interdisciplinary output, and the cradle of today’s BDP offices.


November 7, 2011 Filed under: 1960s, Offices by Sanna Fisher-Payne 4 comments

33. The Round Foundry, Leeds

The Round Foundry in Holbeck, Leeds, brought an important part of British industrial heritage back to life. Former BDP director, Ken Moth is proud of his involvement

For me the Round Foundry is an excellent example of creative regeneration through teamwork. Ten years ago this group of buildings had the appearance of a nondescript collection of old sheds, car spray shops and junkyards located in an unsavoury part of town. In reality it was the 200 year old and last surviving engineering works of the early industrial revolution. (more…)

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34. St Peter’s Campus, University of Sunderland

For our first nomination, Award Winning Architectural Photographer and RIBA Award Juror , Martine Hamilton Knight recalls her first visit to St Peter's Campus

Its all about the light up there….. picture the sun rise over the Wear estuary, fishing boats moored on buoys and the majestic Wear bridge in the background. I first observed St. Peter’s in the early morning light with the mist hovering above the water.


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35. Abito, Greengate, Manchester

The Abito modular apartment concept makes the best possible use of space to create low-cost housing, and has won numerous awards including a 2008 RIBA Award. Abito is also home to public relations firm SKV Communications and its MD Andrew Spinoza

As an occupier of this mixed-use development – SKV own two units of the ground floor offices – how can I not nominate this, my place of work?

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36. Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

International Academy for Design & Health director Mark Sansom finds beauty, sensitivity, understanding and empaphy at Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

Designing a children’s hospital should in my view, probably controversially, be the pinnacle of a designer’s career, such is the degree of sensitivity, understanding and empathy required to visualise an environment that responds to the child’s own sensory perception.


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37. Neptune Court, National Maritime Museum

One of BDP's important turn-of-the-century renovation projects (in this case with Rick Mather Architects), the National Maritime Museum is something film-maker Ben Tunningley holds dear

I grew up in Greenwich, so the National Maritime Museum was a very important part of my childhood. (more…)

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38. All England Lawn Tennis Masterplan, Wimbledon

BDP's masterplan started a transformation of the home of British tennis that is continuing to this day, Sanda Roebuck pays tribute

The masterplan to improve facilities at the world famous All England Lawn Tennis club in Wimbledon has had a transformational impact on British tennis. (more…)

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39. C&A store, Chester

BDP provided a continuing planning and architectural consultancy for Chester City council from 1960 to 1975 and prepared a central area plan in 1964 plus a number of projects since. The C&A store on Foregate Street opened in 1970, winning a Civic Trust Award. It is nominated by Cyril Morris

An excellent example of a modern building which enhances the conservation area.

July 22, 2011 Filed under: 1970s, Retail by Sanna Fisher-Payne 2 comments

40. Chapelfield, Norwich

Chapelfield rejuvenated the site of a former Nestlé factory close to the heart of Norwich. Retail developer Duncan Bower calls it innovative.

This major shopping development of 50,000 sq  of retail sits sympathetically in the historic heart of Norwich. On an arterial route it is adjacent to the ancient monument of the city walls and the Grade 1 listed St Stephen’s Church. (more…)

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41. University of Bradford

BDP's involvement with the University of Bradford began with a masterplan in 1965 and lasted for more than a decade. Estates & Buildings Officer Keith Broughton remembers a trio of early buildings

Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Civil Engineering Buildings
This group of buildings was the first of several projects designed by BDP for the University of Bradford in the 1960-70s period.

July 26, 2011 Filed under: 1960s, 1970s, Education by Sanna Fisher-Payne 3 comments

42. Centre for the Physics of Medicine, University of Cambridge

BDP's recent portfolio includes a number of successful projects at the University of Cambridge. Architectural photographer Kilian O'Sullivan admires the Cambridge Centre for the Physics of Medicine

Welcome to the silicon fen, a hub of laboratories fed with talent directly from Cambridge University, conducting private and public funded research into all manor of mind-expanding things. Sited next to the world-famous Cavendish Laboratory, BDP’s is one of the most recent additions to the longish list of Laboratories conducting esteemed research on the periphery of Cambridge. (more…)

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43. Mothers’ and Children’s Hospital, Kiev

Architectural writer and editor, Ruth Slavid makes the first Placebook nomination for a building yet to be finished

I haven’t actually seen this project, but I looked at it in some detail when it was entered for BDP’s internal sustainability awards.

At a time when the future of health buildings in this country looks ‘challenging’ to say the least, this seems to be a project that ticks all the right boxes. It is imaginative, and makes the most of its lovely forest setting.


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44. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Architect Ingrid Brooke Barnett selects the "very special place" that is the £200m renovation of the Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is a fascinating and complex building which now provides a world class home for world class opera and ballet. Designed by BDP with Dixon Jones the project involved a restoration and refurbishment of the existing auditorium and foyers and Floral Hall, improvements to back of house production and new accommodation for the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet companies. (more…)

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45. Dock Traffic Office / Granada News, Liverpool

BDP's association with Liverpool's docks goes back a long way, Jim Chapman recalls a precursor to the recent regeneration

A very challenging conversion of a Grade1 listed building, part of the Albert Dock complex. We were commissioned by David Plowright, Granada Television, our best client in the 80s, to create the first dedicated regional television news studio in the UK. (more…)

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46. Bentall Centre, Kingston

The 1930s facade of Bentalls department store hides a huge shopping centre opened in 1992. Simon Cash says it has aged well

This amazing shopping centre still looks as fresh as the day it was opened back in the early nineties. (more…)

July 21, 2011 Filed under: 1990s, Retail by Sanna Fisher-Payne 1 comment

47. Republic of Fritz Hansen, London

For 2011, BDP's interior designers took up the challenge of creating a space that would exemplify Scandinavian design, Martha McNaughton approves:

The space functions as a contract showroom for Danish design brand Republic of Fritz Hansen, as well as a furniture and design accesories store operated by Scandinavian design emporium Skandium. (more…)

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48. The Lanes, Carlisle

Opened in 1984, The Lanes received a RIBA Award, as well as recognition from the British Council of Shopping Centres and the Civic Trust. David Ives, who worked with BDP on a number of projects, says it has stood the test of time

This award winning town centre development was the culmination of years of effort by the City Council to rejuvenate a core area of the city.  Previous proposals put forward by developers were rejected by the citizens of the city and the Council.  BDP were appointed with consultant surveyors to bring forward proposals more in keeping with the existing townscape and yet incorporate the demand for additional modern retailing with car parking.


November 1, 2011 Filed under: 1980s, Retail by Sanna Fisher-Payne 2 comments

49. Piccadilly Station, Manchester

Manchester Piccadilly is one of BDP's most highly-regarded projects of the last ten years, picking up awards from RIBA, Civic Trust, BCSC amongst others. Many passengers admire it too, including photographer Jane Messinger

When I worked at BDP as an Image Librarian in the early 2000s, Piccadilly Station in Manchester was one of the many projects that passed before my eyes. But the images of Piccadilly in particular formed a small gallery of vibrant, iconic views. (more…)

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50. Howard Assembly Room, Leeds Grand Theatre

BDP's rennovation of the Grade II Listed Leeds Grand Theatre is crowned by the restoration of the Howard Assembly Room to its Victorian splendour. Structural engineer Oliver Plunkett celebrates the interdisciplinary effort involved

A wonderful example of how nearly a century of brutal alteration, changes in architectural fashion and neglect can be sensitively and imaginatively reversed by interdisciplinary working to create a 21st century performance and rehearsal space in a mid 19th century structure.


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51. Royal Albert Hall, London

BDP's involvement, now into its third decade, has ensured London's most distinctive venue is fit for entertainment in the twenty-first century, Bob Stagg is proud to have been involved:

From Led Zeppelin in 1968 to PJ Harvey earlier this week, the Hall has always been a magical place for me personally and BDP’s major refurbishment and huge extension of “back of house” facilities has ensured that this genuine icon remains in successful use for all to properly enjoy a “performance” rather than the remote, cold, dead experience of watching a video screen several hundred meters away at the O2 and the like.


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52. Combined Court Centre, Hull

Completed in 1991, Hull's Combined Courts Centre brought together four Crown Courts and one County Court plus ancillary accommodation under one roof.
For Professor John L. Taylor, it was the obvious choice for Placebook

This is an outstanding building which in terms of architecture, planning and urban design quality is second to none. (more…)

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